Celebrate the Lunar New Year with us right here at the Club with some of our favourite traditions.


Celebrating meaningful connections here at the Club, one toss at a time.



Lo Hei, or 捞起 in Cantonese, is one of the biggest highlights during Lunar New Year, where families and friends come together to “toss up a good fortune”. The yusheng, 鱼生, is a mixture of sliced raw fish and shredded vegetables, seasonings, and condiments – added one by one in a specific order. Each ingredient symbolises well-wishing. With each added ingredient, an auspicious phrase is recited. At the Club, we go further with an abundant serving of  lobster, suggesting Long Ma Jing Shen 龍馬精神 — a healthy and lively year ahead.


A step-by-step guide to Lo Hei


The yusheng is placed on the table, as diners gather around

Gong xi fa cai 恭喜发财:
‘Congratulations for your great wealth!’
Wan shi ru yi 万事如意:
‘May all your wishes be fulfilled!’

Shredded carrot is added

Hong yun dang tou 鸿运当头:
‘Good luck is approaching!’
‘Red’ (hong, referring to the reddish hue of carrots) and ‘great’ (hong) are homophones.

Shredded green radish is added

Qing chun yong zhu 青春永驻:
‘May you remain forever youthful!’
‘Green’ (qing) and qing in qing chun (‘youthful’) are homophones.

Shredded white radish is added

Feng sheng shui qi 风生水起:
‘May you progress quickly!’
Bu bu gao sheng 步步高升:
‘May you rise to greater heights!’

Crushed peanuts are poured over the ingredients

Jin yin man wu 金银满屋:
‘May your house be filled with gold and silver!’

Pomelo and lime is added

Da ji da li 大吉大利:
‘May you have great luck and prosperity!’

Spices is added

Zhao cai jin bao 招财进宝:
‘May you attract wealth and treasures!’

Raw fish slices and abalone are added

Nian nian you yu 年年有余:
‘May you have abundance every year!’
‘Fish’ (yu) and ‘abundance’ (yu) in Mandarin are homophones.

Oil and plum sauce are drizzled over the ingredients

Yi ben wan li 一本万利:
‘May your capital bring you ten-thousand-fold profits!’
Cai yuan guang jin 财源广进:
‘May your sources of wealth bring you great prosperity!’

Sesame seeds are sprinkled 

Sheng yi xing long 生意兴隆:
‘May your business prosper!’

Deep-fried flour crisps in the shape of golden pillows are added

Man di huang jin 满地黄金:
‘May your floor be covered in gold!’

The diners stand and proceed to toss the ingredients on the plate

Lo hei 捞起:
‘Let’s toss up good fortune!’




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