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The Gaggan Anand residency at Mandala Club heads into final evolution to reveal Gaggan’s most iconic dishes, all in one menu.

This is the ‘end of an era’ menu: a compilation of Gaggan Anand’s greatest hits, accumulated through his career, and performed in Singapore at Mandala Club presents Gaggan Anand.

Gaggan Anand
Extended for the final time, the residency will present GAGGAN ANAND’S GREATEST HITS from April until the end of June 2022. All part of a collective of core creations that made their debut between 2010-2019 — a critical era for Gaggan as he rose to international prominence — the dishes on this menu will be nothing less than the most outrageous, riotous, and delicious.

“People come to my restaurant for a rebellious experience, and we want to push their imagination to new frontiers with this residency.”

We look forward to seeing you and your nearest and dearest for an unforgettable night at Mandala Club with GAGGAN ANAND. In the meantime, follow us @themandalamasters to keep up to speed with menu development, Gaggan Anand’s latest musings, and behind the scenes action in the run to the residency.