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Time flies, but legends live on.

Presenting The Last Supper, a collaboration with 15 renowned chefs in Singapore to create their interpretation of Gaggan Anandโ€™s greatest creations.

Gaggan Anand
Extended for the final time, the residency will present GAGGAN ANANDโ€™S GREATEST HITS from April until the end of June 2022. All part of a collective of core creations that made their debut between 2010-2019 โ€” a critical era for Gaggan as he rose to international prominence โ€” the dishes on this menu will be nothing less than the most outrageous, riotous, and delicious.

โ€œPeople come to my restaurant for a rebellious experience, and we want to push their imagination to new frontiers with this residency.โ€

We look forward to seeing you and your nearest and dearest for an unforgettable night at Mandala Club with GAGGAN ANAND. In the meantime, follow us @themandalamasters to keep up to speed with menu development, Gaggan Anandโ€™s latest musings, and behind the scenes action in the run to the residency.