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by 2049Β© Forma Futura Collective
(James Brown, Dave Court,
Sabrina Sterk, Thomas Henning)

Since Inana gave birth to the written word, the memory of human civilisation
has formed around an endless fantastical idea, too infinite and dreamlike
for the human mind to define nor fathom.
It begins with a feeling – an atmosphere of space.
A sensation of fluid gold, warm, running through one’s body.
It wraps itself around the soul, and pulls it towards a space of
unimaginable beauty. This place – is the place of infinite.
Immortalised by timelessness – filled with glorious edifices, and formed by stars.
Those who slip through the cracks of time and space and walk beyond the
linear world, may see it. Where the ancient and the yet-to-be-conceived come
together, where all time is, simultaneously. Few can get there, for this is a space
outside of space, known only to those who hold the eternal keys, which turn all keys.


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